Blepharitis is a common inflammatory condition that causes burning, itching and irritation of the eyelids. In severe cases, it may also cause styes and irritation or inflammation of the cornea or conjunctiva. Blepharitis is characterized by sandy, itchy eyes, red or swollen eyelids, and crusty or flaky skin on the eyelids. It is usually a chronic problem that can be controlled with extra attention to lid hygiene. Instructions for lid hygiene ia as follows: Begin by scrubbing a red potato. heat in microwave as if you were going to eat it. Cut red potato in half. Place half of hot potato in warm wet face cloth. Place the warm face cloth on CLOSED eyelids for five minutes and then repeat. Massage eyelids in a round circular motion pointing down for the upper lid and pointing up for the lower lid. Your vision may be blurred after doing this. Next, gently scrub the eyelids with Ocusoft Foam lid hygiene cleanser. Finally, wipe the eyelids with the warm face cloth. Repeat the treatment two to three times daily for two weeks and then reduce to once daily. In case, anti-inflammatory and/or antibiotic drops and ointments may be necessary for flare-ups and more severe cases.